Between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century Federico Palazzoli established his company driven by highly innovative ideas for that time. The same ideas that fuel the constant development of Palazzoli today.

From the start of the first plant for the production of electrical and lighting equipment dedicated to Industry, Atex, Infrastructure and Marine sectors, Palazzoli continues to represent an important part of the Italian industrial history, today appreciated all over the world.

KEC promotes Palazzoli range of Electrical Systems products that work with ease in environmentally tough and demanding areas.  With over 200 combined years of industrial excellence and strong values at the heart of  Palazzoli Group.  The group has contributed with its products, to the safe use of energy all over the world, defining the quality standard even in the most critical environments such as large plants, marine and explosive scenarios.  The continuous investment in Research & Development has made the brands (Palazzoli, Lewden, Stral) synonymous with reliability and safety, values recognized by the numerous references. Quality in Palazzoli is the result of the rationalization of activities, the rigorous monitoring of all production phases, the use of patented high-performance machinery and the optimization of production cycles.

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Palazzoli Electrical Systems

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Plugs and Sockets

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